The Sisters at the Novitiate observe a rule conducive to work and prayer. The congregation is semi–contemplative.ConventPic1

The first step in the religious life is that of the postulancy. The word postulant comes from the Latin word postulare which means to claim or request. A postulant then is a candidate who is requesting to be received into the Novitiate. The postulancy lasts for nine months. During these nine months a postulant lives at the Novitiate house and follows the routine and schedule of the community. If after nine months a postulant requests entrance and is received into the community, she then begins her novitiate. She receives the religious habit and white veil of a novice at a special ceremony.

As a novice, the candidate becomes acquainted with the rules, constitutions, and spirit of the institute. A novice lives the life of a religious for two full years. At the end of this two-year period, if the novice wishes to stay and is accepted by the Congregation, she makes her first profession of vows.


5:30 Rise
6:00 Divine Office (Prime)
6:30 Meditation
7:00 Holy Mass
8:15 Breakfast
8:30 Manual work
10:00 Classes
11:45 Divine Office (Sext)
12:00 Angelus and examen
12:15 Lunch, followed by recreation
1:50 Rosary
2:15 Chant practice
2:45 Manual work
3:50 Free time
4:25 Spiritual Reading
5:00 Holy Hour
6:00 Angelus followed by supper and recreation
8:00 Study
8:45 Divine Office (Compline)
9:45 Lights out